AT&T U-verse is Extremely Slow

by Tom Richards

Sunday, August 10, 2014

AT&T has done it again.

  • Recording Xbox 360 with a camera instead of a capture card? ✓
  • Shaky, blurry, potato-quality video? ✓
  • Stone-age connection speed? ✓

I’m downloading a file that is 14.49KB. I (supposedly) have a 24 Mbps internet connection. Shouldn’t this download be a little faster? For easy math purposes, let’s say the first 42% of the download didn’t count. If it took 3:53 to download the whole thing, then my effective bandwidth:

=14.49 kilobytes233 seconds= \dfrac{14.49\ \text{kilobytes}}{233\ \text{seconds}}

=14.49 kilobytes233 seconds= \dfrac{14.49\ \text{kilobytes}}{233\ \text{seconds}}

=0.06218884 kilobytes1 second1000 bytes1 kilobytes= \dfrac{0.06218884\ \text{kilobytes}}{\text{1 second}} * \dfrac{1000\ \text{bytes}}{1\ \text{kilobytes}}

=62.1888412 bytes1 second8 bits1 byte= \dfrac{62.1888412\ \text{bytes}}{\text{1 second}} * \dfrac{8\ \text{bits}}{1\ \text{byte}}

=497.51072961 bits1 second= \dfrac{497.51072961\ \text{bits}}{1\ \text{second}}

497.51 bits per second.\approx 497.51\ \text{bits per second.}

Nowhere close to 24 Megabits per second. What am I paying for again?


AT&T U-verse internet service is slow and awful.

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